Truth Warriors is a Biblical world view learning experience to counter the raging non-biblical world view which our young people face on a daily basis. 
American Family Association of Kentucky, has been given permission by Answers in Genesis, to copy and distribute Answers Academy and Demolishing Strongholds. 
These two powerful and exceptional programs give a much needed alternative to counter the anti-God  curriculum taught to our children in the public school systems.
Answers Academy is a 13 DVD lesson series in Biblical Apologetic for real life application. The lessons encompass a broad overview of the nature of science with special emphasis on geology and astronomy.
Demolishing Strongholds is a powerful learning experience to help guide young people to develop a true Biblical worldview so they may be equipped to address the non-biblical philosophical culture we live in.
This powerful video classroom setting will engage young people to turn their 'passive' Christian faith into a faith of great passion!
We also purchased an American History DVD series called America: Columbus to the Constitution. We were not granted permission to copy this learning tool. However, we have purchased several copies and upon request we will send you one for free.  However, a donation would be greatly appreciated..
**No one is permitted to copy and or reproduce the above mentioned curriculum that may be sent to them by AFA of KY. The material can NOT be copied and or reproduced by any other. However, permission is granted for any group(s) to copy the student workbook for each participating student to have a workbook of their own. .

Answers Academy:

Biblical Apologetics for Real Life!

13-part, DVD-based curriculum with Leader and Student Guides

Instill a Biblical worldview! This one-of-a-kind study series will equip you to understand the world through "Biblical lenses," and to answer the questions our culture is asking about the authority and accuracy of the Bible. Viewers learn a solid creation-science worldview and that, contrary to popular belief, operational science runs counter to the idea of evolution and "millions of years."

Demolishing Strongholds:

Turning Teens from Passive to Passion!

12 sessions and Q&A on DVD with Leader and Student Guides

Inspire your young people to go to the next level in their Christian walk! Equip them to live out their faith (at school and in all areas of life) with this cutting-edge series.

America: Columbus to the Constitution

American History DVD series

Drive Thru History with Dave Stotts is nearly six hours of captivating content designed for all ages. Learn the stories of faith and freedom from America's founding. Twelve action-packed episodes delve into stories of history, character, faith, and the hand of God in America's discovery and early Revolutionary War years.

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE)

School textbook series

ACE Learning is a textbook series beloved by homeschooling parents across the country. We believe in helping to support families in bringing quality educational resources to their children and so are promoting ACE materials.

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